Boost Your Workout With Caffeine

Boost Your Workout With Caffeine

Caffeine Before You Workout

Whether you workout in the early AM or after work,  you will need a good kick in the ass in order to get yourself through a full workout.  What better way to give yourself a boost of energy than with caffeine?

The latest studies show that 90% of people living in North America regularly drink caffeine. It can increase your ability to focus, boost pain tolerance, burn fat, and help you continue strenuous activities for a longer period of time. All of these attributes make caffeine the perfect stimulant to drink before workouts.

The Breakdown

Cardio – The latest studies have shown that caffeine significantly increases your endurance when cycling and/or running.

Weight Lifting – When studying weightlifters, scientists found that adding caffeine to workouts, performance improved on average by 9.5%.

Personal Tip: I like to drink caffeine before and throughout my workout so I can keep up a higher intensity. When it comes to working out, starting is half the battle. Why not have some caffeinated water before and during, to make your workout that much more effective?

How Much is Too Much?

Luckily there is a very simple formula to figure out how much caffeine you should consume before a workout.

Body Weight (lbs) / 2 = mg of caffeine you should drink prior to workout

**If you have heart problems or are not used to drinking caffeine please disregard this formula.

How to get caffeine into your system pre-workout?

If you are about to go for a mile run, the last thing you should do is go to your local Starbucks down the street and grab a venti iced coffee with cream and sugar. Personally, if I am taking the effort to workout, I am going to stick to the healthy alternative. 3 Water has 50 mg of caffeine in each bottle. However, the best part is 3 Water has NO CALORIES!! Yes, I am serious, zero calories in 3 water!


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Get your Caffeine Fix Here!

Get your Caffeine Fix Here!

Fact or Fiction?

The idea that caffeine is not good for you came from a study done decades ago.  More recently, carefully conducted studies that show no link between caffeine and heart problems. Now it is time for us to go through some “studies” done about caffeine and point out what is Fact and what is Fiction….

Does caffeine cause heart problems?

According to a comprehensive review on the consumption of caffeine, there is no link between the moderate consumption of caffeine and stroke or cardiovascular disease.  An average amount of caffeine in their eyes are 400 mg daily. If you would like to put that number in terms of something that makes sense, it is eight bottles of 3 Water or 4 cups of coffee per day.

Does Caffeine dehydrate you?

Caffeine is a mild diuretic. However, it alone will not cause dehydration. If you have coffee and do not hydrate, that will cause dehydration. The problem people run into is they tend to substitute their water with coffee. If you stay hydrated while you consume caffeine, you will be in the clear.

*Personal TIP – 3 Water came in for the save on this common problem. 3 Water is a caffeinated water with electrolytes and a high pH to keep you hydrated and focused all day long! If you drink two bottles of 3 Water, you get the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee without any dehydration effects!

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