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Bottoms Up Hydration!

There are signs everywhere!

Make sure you know the different signs of dehydration. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated so DRINK UP! When you are thirsty, your body has sent itself a trigger to conserve water.  When your mouth is dry, your body produced a hormone called the Antidiuretic Hormone. This is a signal for your body to start conserving fluids.

Another sign you are dehydrated is getting a headache.  Everyone knows that a hangover is basically your body saying it’s dehydrated from the raging party or one too many glasses of wine from the night before. This “hangover” can also happen throughout the day if you do not drink enough water.

Besides the fact that you may have had a shitty night sleep, being dehydrated can significantly reduce your energy levels. Coffee is not the only things that can give you that extra boost you need at 2:00 PM.


Bring 4, 500ml bottles of water to your desk in the morning and finish all of them by the end of work.  For those of you who want to put in that extra effort, label each cap with the time by which you want to finish that bottle.

*Personal tip – I like to put a straw in my water bottle because it is that much easier and faster to drink.

Demand MORE!

With all this extra effort of staying hydrated, you might as well get even more out of your water. 3 Water has caffeine, electrolytes, and a high pH! This will help keep you active, focused, and hydrated all day long!

….and yes it does taste like regular water.


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